Digital Signage 

Digital screen-based communication is a modern and valuable medium that enables you to reach your audience efficiently. We have extensive experience in integrating 'digital signage' projects, ranging from intrinsic scenario content and technical blueprints, right up to installation and support.
We provide Content Management System.  Most systems only serve as a base, which we build on with ready-made templates and database feeds so that the content displayed on your screens can be organized quickly, easily and without any errors.
Our web based SaaS solution provides the option to create a hotspot like a real motion designer in a few simple 'drag & drop' clicks of the mouse.

This enables you to manage high-quality content in an intuitive and visual manner without requiring any technical knowledge or having to pay attention to resolution or video formats. If you are protective of your own corporate style Our System templates provide you with the ideal solution as it assists in the safeguarding process. If you prefer users can be disabled from applying any changes to the format.  Our System is easy to master, so employees that are not technically minded will also be able to manage content. You can also determine the authority of each user with the user rights option. Since users can only see options that are available and that can be edited, the chances of errors creeping in are greatly reduced. Computer users can learn in 30 minutes how to compile a play list and manage content. Content can be changed easily, based on intelligent templates. You can focus on content without having to worry about layout, typography, time, video formats or other technical aspects.  Our System is very well designed, making it ideal for both simple solutions and very complex situations. Our System settings allow you to determine user groups, play lists, virtual play lists, etc., so that a solution is available for each purpose.
We developed Our System, as Software as a Service (SaaS), which in effect means that you do not need to install and maintain the actual software, but rather run it directly from our central servers.  The SaaS solution is not a business model in itself, but it should rather be seen as optimal coordination between the different components of your digital signage network to enable us to provide extensive remote support.
Our System solution has the most effective total cost of ownership (TCO) for your digital signage network.

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