Soulco signs MOU with Caribou Coffee Franchising Company, 

Soulco FZE recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Al Sayer Franchising LLC, the biggest franchising company for Caribou Coffee in the Middle East. Caribou Coffee is a specialty coffee and espresso retailer, only the second largest in the United States, and undergoing a major initiative to grow internationally.  Caribou Coffee has been recognized for the superior quality in coffee beans and coffee related beverages.
The agreement comprises the collaboration to provide Digital Signage Technology for Al Sayer Group’s more than 160 stores, spread across 9 countries. This number is currently increasing, and comprises other brand stores as well.
Soulco already collaborated with its digital signage expertise on the opening of Al Sayer’s Flagship Store on the 17th of February. This new flagship store is not only the biggest, but now also the most advanced Caribou Store in the Middle East, located on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road, in the heart of the city.
The solution we provided for this store consists of three screens (70 and 40 inch), together with Centoview Players for quick and easy uploading of content. For Al Sayer Franchising, the biggest advantage was the cost-effectiveness. Thanks to this solution, they no longer have to bear the expense of changing their menu and promotions every season, and will be able to react faster when it comes to special offers, new flavors or breaking news.
For more information about the project and Soulco solutions,  please send your inquires to marketing@soulco.net

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