Soulco Belgium


Address: Industriezone Ravenshout 8026 - Industrieweg 83 - B-3583 Paal - Belgium
Tel +32 11 299 840 - Fax +32 11 299 889

Soulco Belgium is the main office for both Soulco Distribution and Soulco Projects.

It’s from these Headquarters that the orders are being carried out, the main stock is being managed, and the vendors’ products are being distributed to one of our regional warehouses, or directly towards the customer.

Soulco’s main office is conveniently located in Paal, on the crossroads of the Belgian Provinces of Antwerp, Brabant and Limburg. The Head Quarters are both near the Albert Canal and the European route E313, the highway between Antwerp and Liège. This allows for excellent Logistics support.

The Belgian Headquarters also organizes and hosts Trainings on a frequent basis. Partners and Project Engineers come to Paal from all over the world in order to get the knowledge needed to integrate our high level products, or to learn how to design solutions themselves.

When it comes to trainings and the sharing of knowledge, we believe that we should listen to the needs of our partners. So, if you feel that there is a need to learn about a certain piece of portfolio, or how a solution can be best implemented, feel free to contact us. We’ll also keep you posted on upcoming trainings, and you can book for your training directly by clicking here.

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