Fisheries & Food Authority (AFFA) Security & Surveillance Project

The Agriculture, Fisheries & Food Authority AFFA (formerly The Kenya Tea Board) is a State Authority with a core mandate of promoting and regulating the production, processing and marketing of agricultural and aquatic products. The Authority planned to set up a value addition facility for utilization by the Industry stakeholders among other plans to initiate and support excellent service and to achieve its mandate .... Read more



Parliament Of Kenya Project

The Promulgation of the new Constitution in Kenya in August 2010 created additional legislation for the 47 counties in the form of the Senate. This necessitated major renovation of the old Parliament Building to accommodate members of the Senate and the increased number of elective seats in Parliament. The renovation also included putting up additional offices for the Parliamentary Service Commission......Read more


Ministry Of Foregin Affairs Project

The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is in charge of management of Kenya’s Foreign Policy and International Trade Affairs. This is a crucial task supported by a sizeable workforce and requires a lot of co-ordination with all other government entities, private corporations and also the general public in their quest for various services .....Read More


Ministry Of Land Project

The Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development in Kenya is charged with the responsibility of planning, designing, construction and maintenance of Government assets in the field of built environment and infrastructure development......Read More


Office Kawel County Tramigo Project

Like most counties in the devolved system in Kenya, one of the major concern for Kwale County remains how to ensure accountable management of the county resources. One of these resources is the County vehicles which serve various functions in the county. Concerned about the safety and efficiency of these vehicles......Read more





Office of the President Phase I & II
Enterprise Communication System to connect Nairobi with different provinces, providing seamless communication between Office of the President and different Ministries.
Soulco implements: voice telecommunication system, WiMAX, data networking, communication towers and all related civil works
.


Extending Algiers Underground Line 1 Voice Network

The first line of Algiers underground system started in 2011 with 10 stations through 9,5 km. The stations as well as the central command node (PCC) were equipped with a voice solution based on Hipath 4000 V4. In 2012 the extension B of underground line 1 was launched along with stations equipments tenders. The telecom section of that project was won by COLAS rail which includes voice system for 4 underground stations. Read more...


Parliament of Ghana
The building, which serves as office accommodation for Members of Parliament (MP’s), has facilities such as in-house meeting galleries, committee rooms, banks, Church, Mosque, gymnasium, entertainment centre, restaurant and a Clinic.

Parliament Renovation Project, including the following technologies: Fiber Optic, OTN, Public Address, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Metal Detection, X-ray scanners, CCTV, Telephony, Internet, Video Conferencing, Video Distribution.

Soulco projects jointly with Soulco Kenya successfully finalized the implantation of the following information, communication and security systems

  • Security of the building
    - CCTV system + Access control system
  • Evacuation of the building and public announcements
    - Public Address system
  • Meeting rooms
    - Congress system
  • Auditorium
    - Audio/Video system

In this project Soulco team performed the following tasks jointly with its partners:

  • Site survey
  • Engineering
  • Technical Dossier
  • Training of our local partner
  • FAT
  • Commissioning on site
  • Training end-user
  • Provisory reception


Enterprise communication system to connect different locations of the company, Soulco successfully implemented telephony system, data networking, radio solutions based on microwave technology, VHF radio, central management system for the provided telecommunications systems, towers, solar energy system, shelters and civil work.


Ministry of the Public service and labor - National Office of Technical Studies and Development - design, delivery and installation of a fiber optic backbone, interconnecting Twenty Ministries in the city of Abidjan.


Government - An OTN network between different Ministries to interconnect the different telecommunication systems.


Zawia Refinery & Sirte Oil Supply, installation and commissioning of Siemens voice communication system based on hi-path technology in addition to supply installation and communication for transmission equipment.


Mass Notification and Warning system for Middel East oil refinery (MIDOR )

At MIDOR oil refinery site SOULCO and its experienced communication team in Egypt in cooperation with American Signal Corporation design team worked closely to upgrade MIDOR’s Emergency Serine, do the needed analysis and study that grantee a professional design, supply in time, installation according to the international standards, well defined professional testing and commissioning methodology that lead to a best in clause project for emergency sirens to cover all over the refinery outdoor / indoor and MIDOR site boundaries, The study conducted by our team included; site survey to evaluate the concerns of MIDOR team in regard to warning system implementation. Topography for coverage, traffic patterns, noise levels, special needs locations, MIDOR owned property for the Installations of systems. Read more....

Bringing Reliable Voice communication to the Sahara Desert 

The VoIP national government communication network is a leading project in term of technology and service improvement in Algeria. The Voice solution for the Wilaya (department) of Biskra 20000 km2 is part of that project,      Read more...

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